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How to ensure the correct sizing

Mektrax product is all made in Italy and targeted at enthusiastic cyclists from weekend warriors to the most dedicated racing athletes.

Personal experience and feedback indicates our product fit is true to the size indicated on our charts. Our advice is based on the objective that there is no loose (watt sapping) fabric free to catch the wind.

However, because of the knitted
construction of high-performance fabrics with high elastane content there is a significant
level of stretch. It is therefore possible for one person to fit across two sizes.

The accuracy of our sizing will therefore let you choose which fit you prefer depending on your personal activity and preferences.

It is possible to select a tighter performance race fit or an easier slightly lower compression comfort fit.

Key Factors to Consider

1 - Fit Preference

2 - End Use - Racing/Training or Casual

3 - Body Size and Type



Having said all of that we would still be very happy to answer any questions on this critical decision, we want this to be right to save time and shipping.

Please contact us at

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We will be delighted to advise.

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