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Mektrax Racing Team

Mektrax Racing Team

After the cancellation of race number three in the four week Pontchartrain Beach Summer Series due to bad weather, the guys were eager to be back out at the final race hosted by Semi Tough Cycling and Yeah You Ride. Four of our five riders were competing across two races.
Philip, Elliott and Taylor stepped into the Massey’s Outfitters Cat 3/4/5 Race looking to get Philip a long desired win! The overall plan was to control the dangerous breakaway attacks and counter them with the hopes of having a reduced sprint. All three guys worked really well to achieve this and with only a few laps remaining Mektrax Racing looked in a great position to go for the win. A late one lap to go attack from Elliott allowed Philip and Taylor to sit comfortably in the pack forcing other teams to chase. In the final straight as Elliott was almost caught, Philip using one of his most impressive abilities, immediately jumped and opened a huge gap on the field, rolling across the line in 1st place. Taylor followed Philips wheel but was just beaten at the line, finishing 3rd. Elliott managed to come in with an almost perfectly timed last lap flyer for 5th place.
Mektrax Racing finished 1st, 3rd and 5th!!, also securing 2nd place in the overall standings for Philip!
Next up was the Porsche of New Orleans Cat 1/2/3/4 Race. Philip and Elliott gathered themselves and got to the start line to help support Daniel who was defending the leaders jersey. Daniel was in 1st place overall. With just one point separating 2nd and 3rd. It was sure to be a dynamic race from the start.
Race strategy was to place higher than 2nd or 3rd in the overall standings which would hopefully keep us in 1st overall.
As expected the race started off very fast but quickly becoming tactical, with the pace surging a lot. One or two dangerous breaks were closed down after a lot of hard work by the team. Some later attacks were tough enough to drop the “already raced once” tired Philip and Elliott off the back.
However with tactics at play the pace occasionally would ease and allow them to get back on. Impressively every time this happened they rode right through to the front to help keep the pace high and support Daniel.
Elliott formed what would become a successful two man break with a former teammate, while Philip and Daniel sat in happy to see them go. This break was great as it took series points away from our rivals and put Mektrax Racing in a potentially winning position. Daniel also still had Philip with him in the main pack. All good right? Wrong.
Inevitably a counter attack came and an attempt for last weeks winner to bridge across to the break had us very worried. If he had made it and placed high enough he could have potentially earned enough points for the series win. All I could do was hope that the break could stay away! For the remainder of the race Philip helped me cover attacks until it was just myself and the 2nd place overall rider. With one lap to go there was plenty of cat and mouse but I managed to work myself onto his wheel giving me the advantage in the sprint. I was able to jump round him in the final 200m and hold him off to the line.
The break containing Elliott had stayed away and better yet he was able to come in 2nd place! We had done it!
Mektrax Cycling - Pontchartrain Beach Summer Series Champs!!
Some very impressive and smart racing from the whole team. Next up Mektrax Racing will be traveling to Jackson, Mississippi for the Crossroads Cycling Classic. Saturday contains a downtown style criterium race and Sunday will be the LAMBRA State Championship Road Race!
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